The Dermatology Scientist Personal Picked Sample Kit for You


Product Description


Many people need advice on what to use so there is no one better than our very own John Hamilton. With 25 years of knowledge on dermatology anti-ageing and cell decay research 

John will call you (so remember to put your telephone details) to discuss what you need to be using and send you the samples which he feels would work best for you.

You will get around £25 worth of products to try …all for £4.99 with free delivery

NOTE: Please put your phone number on the order so I can call you and ask a couple of questions about your skin. I can then send the right samples to suit your skin type.

If you don't I can't send samples.         please be aware that we cannot send outside the uk and you will be charged if you place an order for samples... you can order full sizes for over seas delivery