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The founders

Karen E Blackmore ... 65 this year kb.jpg 

23 years in skincare & Personal care product development > It’s been a hard slog in making natural skincare products. When we started out there was very few of us in the world. Standing at exhibitions trying to get accorss the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals when we were the only ones doing so, made us feel like freaks in a ocean of harsh chemicals products and masquerading brands.

But I am pleased to say that our early customers still to this day are benefiting enormously in using our ranges both in terms of anti-ageing and health. When you live in a world of 1-2 people will get cancer, we passionately believe using our type of products reducing the risks and looks after your wellbeing.

I spend about 1/2 my day helping and advising women and men in what to use and always find time for people after all the knowledge we have is vast and find myself not only advising skincare but natural health remedy’s .. My email is always open, and my phone will be picked up by me if you need to ask something. 01299 253994   



John Hamilton  64 this year jh-new.jpg

What I have learned in the last 23 years in Dermatology and Biogerontology is astounding, and I don’t tell you that to boast, I tell you that to prove I’m qualified.

We did set out from the very beginning to make products without the harsh chemicals and never every did from day one, not even using parabens when it took over a decade or more from even many of the natural brands to remove them and even today they are still found in many of the big brands of products ..really come guys you’ve had plenty time to reformulate 

#Today we talk about the harsh chemicals in products causing problems and would categorically say they are still the biggest polluter to our cells and the environment.

So where now?.. Well we started working with universities in making products which contribute to wellbeing ...You could knock me down with a feather with the feedback from customers we get from using our oils removing skin cancer, preventing ageing, prolonging wellbeing and much more.

I am determined to use the studies of the world’s leading scientists in ‘longitude of healthy life research’ to create products which impact on ageing ailments, we may not have the financial resources of the pharmaceutical world, but we have the knowledge and the will to show that preventive senescence products are possible and we can make a huge contribution to people life’s as they age if you need advise you can get me on or 01299 253994