Facial Oils

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Benefits: oils are liquid antioxidants, the most concentrated form of them and they stop the main source of ageing and damage to skin 'Free radicals'  { if you want to know what causes ageing to the skin then look no further than oxidative free radical damage its at least 90% the reason why you get wrinkles & lines and over 97% of  people have premature ageing which can be prevented and even reversed by introducing natural oils into your skincare routine. 

Not all oils are the same “It’s down to the size of an oils molecule the quality of the oil, which is paramount for maximin impact Says John Hamilton, anti ageing expert .    

we know we get it right when we get emails like this ... "I just wanted to give you some feedback on the samples provided. I’m extremely impressed! I’ve tried so many products from Clarins, Estée Lauder, Clinique to the cult beauty product No7. I rate skin elements over all of the above. The oils definitely seem to penetrate the skin more effectively without leaving a greasy residue and clogging pores and I’ve seen a significant reduction in fine lines" 

When removing my waterproof mascara, I have been mixing a bit of the healing oil with the face wash & this has been really successful at removing my make-up. Great tip – thank you." 

 "I have to say that your products have really helped my dry skin patches and reduced my open pores without my skin feeling too oily, after just a couple of weeks & my make-up looks smoother on my skin too, so I am really impressed" 



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