"Life is complicated enough so all our products we make or sell is designed to be simple and easy to use". THE ESSENTIALLY YOURS FOUNDERS.


Essentially Yours was formed in 1998 to fulfil the ambitions of a small group of people to be a centre of knowledge and discovery - where molecular scientists, dermatologists and activists could blend new ideas in science and well-being with a strong sense of ethics and a well earned respect for nature.

The company would quietly lead the way in natural and organic formulations for the next 20 years. Welcome to a different kind of company…a company built on your well-being!

Since those early days we have gone on to develop skin & hair care ranges completely free from allergens, highlight the dangers of parabens and SPF’s.. Introduce products which contribute to “Ageing Well” the new preventative knowledge (referred to as anti-ageing) made in small batches to ensure quality, purity and freshness and all here in the UK.
We have always been “leaders not followers” our understanding of molecular biology science is beyond beauty, with our research into discovering the basics of cell rejuvenation and protection this has given us a knowledge far more than what’s currently on the market for personal care/beauty products. [To know what protects you from the ageing process you must first understand what causes it]
Today, we take theories, conclusions and results from research compiled by leading universities to develop products at the forefront of innovation and scientific excellence. Our products are simply unmatched in the marketplace in terms of performance, aroma, feel and effect and then some more…. Naturopathic the alternative scientific art of botanical healing & prevention of ailments, with us you get more than beauty products and anti-ageing you get health & wellness

We are proud to be associated with the college of naturopathic medicine. The principles of Naturopathy are to use the healing power of nature - compounds in plants has the innate ability to heal and we use them to create products  without sitting them in harsh harmful chemicals.

  • Do no harm- a Naturopathic product will never use compounds that may create other conditions ie side effects
  • Prevention is better than cure – using a Naturopathic product removes toxic substances from your life and creates a natural  resistance to ailments