About Essentially Yours

Essentially Yours was formed in 1998 to fulfil the ambitions of a small group of people to be a centre of knowledge and discovery - where molecular scientists and dermatology experts could blend new ideas in science and well-being with a strong sense of ethics and a well earned respect for nature. 

The company would quietly lead the way in natural and organic formulations for the next 25 years, creating a standard of skincare that is not seen in other brands. Our own brand, Natural Elements, brings affordable skincare, yet uses the most expensive botanicals, which are now being seen in universities as the evolution of alternative wellbeing, health, and senescence prevention.  

 Welcome to a different kind of company—one built on your well-being! 

So, just what is wellbeing?  

Well, take a look at this. This is the power of nature when harnessed Here is a set of photos from a customer that show the effect that the Active Rescue Healing Oil had on his scarring after this major surgery. The repair is incredible; we hear daily from people saying that our oils have done things that have had major effects on their age-related ailments.


Even simple things like itching skin, dry skin, acne-scarring, infections, cuts, bacteria, and fungi all disappear when certain naturals are used on them. I've even had horses with incurable skin infections whose owners massaged the oils in, and within hours the healing process began, and they were cured within weeks. Then there are the athletes who claim that using them helps them recover three times faster..

What is going on, you may well ask? Well, most conditions are caused by inflammation, and many naturals are super anti-inflammatory, and that's not just skin; everything from skeleton ailments to heart disease starts off with low-grade inflammation that gets worse.

So while it's not considered a medical cure, it makes good health sense to have such things in your life because one day they could well be the next generation of medicines preventing what we have come to call "ageing ailments." 

In the meantime, all we can say is that this is what someone sent us and that we are sharing it with you.

What does that mean in terms of the skin care you use?

Well, it means you will get different results if you use our products, like those for anti ageing and that's even if you have very sensitive skin because you are not using the synthetic and often petroleum chemicals that are in so many products 




 Why are we so different ? Because we following the major breakthrough in cell decay what actually causes cell damage and what if anything can protect the cell from being aged

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                                                                                                                                                                            karen the co founder at 67 this year 


If you want to contact us, please email John at john@essentially-yours.co.uk or call 01299 253 994 and ask for John or Karen.


John is directly involved in university biogerontology and senescence research, which is the direct cause of cell ageing prevention and recovery.