Booster Skincare Oil | 10ml


Product Description


This is the feedback we got during our latest trials with 1 of our customers:

"I tried the booster oil on my face as you suggested and WOW!!!! My skin has never looked that good.  My daughter also tried your new oil on her face and was raving about it (I had to make sure she didn’t take it home with her)"


~  Welcome to our latest first-to-market innovation! We have created a Skincare Booster Oil, This multi purpose, concentrated booster can be added to our facial Washes, Facial Oils and Moisturisers as an all-natural nutrition boost for your skincare routine…


~ Containing organic Rosehip, Jojoba and Prickly Pear oils, this super oil serum adds abundant amounts of Vitamins A, B & C to brighten the skin, reduce dark circles, increase skin hydartion and support the skin barrier - a true multi tasker! 


WHO CAN USE IT: Suitable for all skin types including, rosacea, eczema even extra sensitive allergy skin. Works on dark circles around eyes, inhibits collagen breakdown, scars and red veins while reducing pigmentation. They also help sun-damaged skin - what a multi-tasker!...but is good for Dry Skin 


HOW IT WORKS: The booster restores the skin's PH balance and inhibits the mmp-1 enzyme, breaking down collagen. The drops are also naturally rich in retinoic acid which promotes faster cell growth leading to brighter, firmer skin.   Rich in amino acids, this oil stimulates collagen production and linoleic and oleic acids help restore elasticity for dehydrated skin. 

USE IT THIS WAY : add 1-2 drops in your hand with any of our oils, facewashes, cleanser, and all creams... this takes the product to a super intensive level in terms of actives its work wonders on dry skin and even oily skin {strange that may seem} this is because it has plant compounds which work on the cellular aspect of why you have dry or oil skin ...john Dermatology & Cell Intelligence scientist