Hypoallergenic Skincare Kit - TS3/TS4/TS11


Product Description

Our Sensitive Skincare Kit has been specially put together to combat Sensitive or Allergen Prone Kit. Sensitive Skin is often confused with Rosacea prone skin when you have red, flushed skin. We have seen many cases of people believing they have Rosacea when in fact your skin is actually extra sensitive to the harsh chemicals in your toiletries and current skin care.

Our products have been formulated with 100% Natural & Organic effective ingredients. The products are gentle enough to cause no further irritation or aggravate skin problems but powerful enough to dissipate the problem and see maximum results.

A Face Wash for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies which gently removes makeup, dirt, oil and impurities without stripping or leaving delicate complexions feeling vulnerable. A moisturiser light in texture but intensely hydrating is packed with antioxidants, a blend of botanicals and a moisturising base specially chosen to replenish, calm and condition sensitive skin. Illuminate a lacklusture complexion with this Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies, a replenishing skincare solution that works to soothe, hydrate and re-balance, whilst gently addressing the individual needs of your complexion.