Anti-Ageing Facial Oils

What’s so special about our facial oils?

With multiple active benefiting components, which are unadulterated! This means the benefits from the botanical source isn't removed during process (organic botanicals only means the crops are not sprayed with can still get a poor quality oil even if it's organic!) 

Veteran Beauty Therapists say our blends are the best they have ever experienced. You’re not just buying a facial oil for lovely skin, you’re buying a product 20-years in the making! 

Why should you use an oil in the first place? 

“It’s down to the size of an oils molecule, which is paramount for healthy & youthful skin.” Says John Hamilton, anti ageing dermatologist & biogerontolgist .

“An oils purpose is to penetrate the lower levels of the skin, packed with as much as possible in antioxidants and amino acid protein. These 2 benefits are the key to protecting and repairing cells respectively. Its vital components for collagen and fibres to be strong! In our 20 years of botany research the best oils for the desires results are natural vital oils combined with essential oils. There is just nothing out there that comes close to delivering the best results in antioxidants to cells.”  

watch this 1min video on why you must use natures oils if you want great skincare  CLICK HERE 

But there are creams that can do that?? 

“A cream or gel-based serum are simply not able to penetrate far enough; the molecule of wax/ emollient is way too big and will remain on the surface of the skin. Now that’s perfect for dehydrated and skin because it’s the effect you want…but, we want to go further you must get next to the cells, the collagen fibres & elastin’s to protect and regenerate them and so an oil is better for that anti-ageing purposes.” 

Is organic better?? 

“An argument is made that a synthetic in a cream (i.e petro-chemical) can deliver antioxidants. That’s simply not true. The rule applies to all creams (organic or synthetic). And if your using petro-chemicals its sitting on the surface which besides being a waste of time …that’s a recipe for premature ageing… one of the leading today scientist who was the head of Cambridge Molecule Intelligence Unit said his 200 page study heavy metals ( petro-chemicals) cause cell decay and mutation our advice is… Avoid them at all costs” 

Winners of Best Organic Anti-Ageing Brand UK 2018, by Lux Life Magazine.