When you need more than skincare

When you need more than skincare

John Hamilton dermatology anti ageing specialist on 22nd Jul 2021

Naturopathic Skincare is about alternative healing and here is a typical example of this .

Botanical chemistry has been for some time showing absolute amazing benefits from the massive amount of feedback we get from users they tell us in there thousands just how incredible our products are in doing things that modern medicine is failing at.

At times we sit here thinking if only we could speak out more about how people tell us that their ailment was getting worse with what was being dished out to them and yet even after only a few days of using us we change all that.

Small company like ourselves don't had the financial resources to do the clinical testing but we do have the thousands of user’s feedbacks, and work 100 times harder to solve your issues and without all the side effect issues.... Plant chemicals work in harmony with human body’s.

So if you have ailment let me send you some samples of what I would think would be effective from the botanical world 9-10 times they seem to work better than anything else

e mail me on john@essentially-yours.co.uk