Top anti ageing dermatologist reveals what's the best thing you can do and use

Top anti ageing dermatologist reveals  what's the best thing you can do and use

BY J Hamilton anti- ageing dermatologist and biogerontolgist 

There was a very good reason why we won Best Organic Anti-Ageing Brand end of  last year and that's because we use things which stop the major source of ageing to cells and we do this with healthy plant extracts and oils . 

Most skincare products can feel nice on the skin, smell nice and have beautiful packaging and that is usually how they are judged, but that in no way shows if they are good for anti ageing 

If you are in your 40s/ 50's+ you will be seeing this in a form of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull even dry skin, which if you compare to karen the co founder at 62 below this shows our understanding of anti ageing far exceeds even the most expensive of brands

The No1 mistake people make is thinking all skincare is much the same its absolutely not ..

WANT TO KNOW MORE :Collagen and elastin are fibres that make up the supporting structure of the skin, collagen gives skin its firmness while elastin keeps skin tight. Both of these are attacked daily by pollution and UV light.  UVA being the main cause of ageing and skin cancers. This daily bombardment causes large scale damage to your skin, breaking down the overall structure of the fibres causing wrinkles, fine lines, ageing and dry skin. Stop this damage and your skin will age less and even rejuvenate.

While there are lots of collagen and elastin creams available, the molecules in those creams are far too large to penetrate the skin and because of that most of them cannot reach the part of your skin under the outer layer where your collagen and fibers live, thus creams and serum simply do nothing to stop or repair the damage.

This is where our type of Natural Biodynamic Oils work miracles. 

Natural plant oils can penetrate the skin more effectively than any cream or serum can, and by huge margins. The molecules in these oils are small enough to go where your collagen, fibres & elastins sit. So more protection and regeneration occurs. Have a look at this demo video! 

To prove how great our products really are, we are going to give you some for

free! yes free 

 There is no financial commitment at all from you, all you have to do is apply them to your skin and see how different they are to anything else on the market and if you like them you can come back and  buy the full sizes to use all the time { 97% of people who try our samples  buy the full sizes} . Just email me on and I will send you some along with a skin tightening Organic Face Wash and Moisturiser.

OR want to know what products to get samples of ie what suits you then click here

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