Anti Ageing expert reveals THE SECRET of anti ageing

Anti Ageing expert reveals THE SECRET of anti ageing

John Hamilton dermatology anti ageing specialist on 14th Oct 2020

Most skincare products can feel nice on the skin, smell nice and have beautiful packaging and that is usually how they are judged, but that in no way makes them any good for skincare or indeed anti ageing.

If you are in your 40s/ 50's/60's +and been using the normal big brands you will be finding they don't work that well, this will be  in a form of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull even dry skin appearing  as you a age and this is because they mostly use synthetic chemicals  which not going to work on older skin ..  if you compare to karen our co founder at 64 who looks younger because of using natural oils this the effect you get . 

Natural Biodynamic Oils work miracles. especially our new one 

Natural plant oils can penetrate the skin more effectively than any cream or serum can, and by huge margins. The molecules in these oils are small enough to go where your collagen, fibres & elastins sit.  and STOP the main cause of skin ageing>> free radicals which causes 80% of all ageing to all cells  ....So more protection and regeneration occurs. Have a look at the short demo video!  below and see why oils can do things creams can't.

The No1 mistake is thinking all skincare is the same

While there are lots of collagen creams available, the fact is the molecules in those creams are far too large to penetrate the skin and because of that most of them cannot reach the part of your skin under the outer layer where your collagen and fibers live. Also nearly all brands are full of synthetic chemicals often made from petrol which do absolutely nothing in fact they cause even more oxidative free radicals which is the main cause of skin cell ageing... thus creams and serum simply do nothing to stop or repair the damage.

so skin care anti ageing is not about brands and packaging or paid endorsements  its about knowing what stops the damage, what stops the main cause of skin ageing and the big skincare don't have that but our research into cell ageing far exceeds anything in the beauty sectors. 

life is about faith and sadly the big skincare company's abuses your faith, you trust them for years and give them your money and only to find that as you age your skin looks even more aged. 

Dermatologist Recommended Products

If you're not sure which product is right for your skin type, I've put together a list of products I'd recommend for different conditions.

for Sensitive Skin Also good for dehydrated skin

An allergen-free kit, containing a fragrance-free facial oil and blending cream. This is an ideal starting point if you want anti-ageing and hydrating benefits, but have sensitive skin.

Anti Ageing for fighting Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This Award Winning Luxury anti-ageing kit helps repair fine lines and damaged skin. Naturally fragranced with a delicate blend of Lavender, Peach, Geranium and Patchouli.

Anti Ageing for Hormonal and Menopausal Skin

Lightweight and easily absorbed, this anti-ageing kit uses an alluring aromatic cocktail of Grapefruit, Tea Tree and Lavender to help quickly bring order to misbehaving skin.

Anti Ageing for Pigmentation and Skin Damage Also smokers damage 

A delicate blend of Rose, Jojoba, Peach, Neroli and Sandalwood, this exquisite elixir works to instantly plump, tone and balance skin, whilst addressing sun damage and minimising pigmentation complaints.

Anti Ageing to Protect Against UVA and Pollution

Designed to to replenish precious moisture, accelerate repair and create an impenetrable barrier between your complexion and environmental stresses. This blend of Avocado, Orange and Rose is perfect for you city-slickers.

Anti Ageing for Oily and Combination Skin Types (Retinol Effect)  

The Grapefruit, Orange and Patchouli oils help to break down oils in your skin, leaving your skin fresh and less greasy. They are also the natural source of Retinol, providing the same benefits as rentinol but without the damaging side effects.

[ we have been involved in dermatology skincare for over 20 years now and the last 10 with what causes ageing to cells and in turn what stops the damage. My research has taken in all the universities research into the cause of ageing and I would like to credit such]

We acknowledge the information from Cambridge University Molecule Biology Intelligence Unit Newcastle & Harvard universities and papers from Dr Daz Q10 . Life Extension Magazine US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of HealthBBA - Bioenergetics BBA - Biomembranes BBA - ClinicalBBA - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms BBA - General Subjects BBA - Molecular Cell Research BBA - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids BBA - Proteins and Proteomics

If you would like a sample of these these special oils and products please click here to go to our retail web site where you can order them