The Oil & Cream Combo

The Oil & Cream Combo

14th Oct 2020

Why a cream is not enough?

If you suffer from Eczema, Rosacea or Sensitive skin, you will understand that dealing with your condition and managing the severity of it can be difficult at times.

We have many customers that only use our Face Moisturising Creams and nothing else but wonder why they still suffer from flare ups and the condition hasn’t dramatically improved.

Well, we developed the Oil & Cream combo for a reason. We wanted to work on skin ailments at a deeper level of your skin (a cream can’t do that) but create something that locks in all the benefits of the Oils and offer what everyone is used to with a Cream application and texture.

Our Oils will penetrate deep into your skin delivering the ingredients to the dermis where they can actively do what they are designed and blended to do. As great as some creams are, they cannot penetrate further than the top layer of your skin, the molecules are just too big.

After applying the Oil and allowing a few moments to sink in, you apply the cream on top to lock in the goodness from the Oil, create a barrier on your skin to protect you from environmental pollution and stresses whilst adding further hydration and benefits for your skin condition.

Don’t forget you must always apply products to a clean, dry face using clean hands. Even if you are applying the most incredible, gold plated cream that has promised your skin the world, if you’re applying it to a dirty face, it will not be as effective.

Going ‘Green & Clean’ WILL help your skin.

If you would like a sample of these these special oils and products please click here to go to our retail web site where you can order them