Retinol Why you should rethink about using it

Retinol  Why you should rethink about using it

So why is Retinol one of today biggest Cons, 

Said by the beauty world and journalists as the ultimate anti-ageing product.

But scientists involved in cell ageing research don't agree and I know this because I'm one of them in my case, Dermatology Anti-Ageing for the last 20 years?

What we do know is it actually causes long term ageing to the skin.

Retinol works by turning over the dead skin cells faster ( effectively burning them off with acid too early) by doing so it exposes the new skin cells so you look better for a few days, but this is to early for your new cells, before there are ready to do so and results in long term premature ageing occurring and possibly even skin cancer can be the result of prolonged use as you have removed the skin own protective film to UV light.

So, you may well have a fresher skin quick fix for a short time, but you will prematurely age the skin faster much faster.
In my opinion and many scientific studies, if you want youthful skin you should stay well clear of using such products and absolutely not if you have any form of sensitive skin. so many people end up with skin problems when using it. 

So, what really does works on keeping the skin youthful?..
90% of skin ageing comes from one source - Free radical oxidative stress to cells, collagen, skin fibres and elastin' all damaged by free radicals  Stop this and you slow the ageing process dramatically with fine lines and wrinkles made to simply fade away as the skin repairs itself.

Now my research into this has resulted in me finding the best form of stopping free radical damage and that's through natural oils which are liquid antioxidants. this has no long term damage and  is phenomenal for anti ageing.

#so if you want youthful long term skin, stop using retinol and use natural botanical oils

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why are natural oils so good click here for 1min video to explain.

John Hamilton Anti Ageing Dermatology Bio-Gerontologist