Retinol & skin ageing: an overview of its efficacy and safety

Retinol & skin ageing: an overview of its efficacy and safety

Retinol is one of today biggest misunderstanding, sold by the beauty world and journalists as the ultimate anti-ageing product, but scientists involved in cell research and in my case, dermatology anti-ageing, know it actually causes more damage than good and is certainly not an anti-ageing product
Retinol works by turning over the dead skin cells faster, but by doing so it exposes the new skin to the major cause of premature ageing and many say skin cancer can be the result of prolonged use as you have removed the skin own protective film to UV light.
Retinol helps keep dead skin cells turning over but so does our unique root of a plant sponged if used weekly in the shower, retinol goes further removing the skin protective film of melanin too early this is the skin main protector from UV damage, this means you will exposed new skin to early to the main cause of fine lines wrinkles and premature ageing.
So, you may well have a fresher skin quick fix, but you will prematurely age the skin faster.

In my opinion, as a 20 years’ experience dermatologist and bio-gerontologist {which is the study of ageing to humans and what slows the process} if you want youthful skin you should not use the typical retinol products and absolutely not if you have sensitive skin  so many people suffer from damaged skin using this type of product…A fresher skin today is a much more aged skin just round the corner. 

So, what's the natural alternative ? Well, you have natural retinol alternatives which not only don't cause the premature removal of the surface cells but also carry with them the very powerful unadulterated anti-oxidants which slow the main cause of ageing skin, i.e. free radical oxidation!
This ensures you have the right amount of dead skin removal but still have the protection needed and as a bonus it also provides much-needed vitamins and protein which creates collagen and elasticity to skin, this is what makes skin return back to normal after laugher or expression and even stops sagging.

If you carry on using or get on the slippery slope of using retinol your skin will react and you will come to regret it after a while and by then you will have caused the damage.   

 {I had a call from a new beauty therapist  who has just started using our type of naturals who said after 10 years in beauty she not seen such incredible effects on her clients} 

So what are the super natural oils which are better? Well have a look around our web site and check things out on the home page (click on top left on name) scroll to the bottom and see the blog about anti ageing .

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John Hamilton Dermatology Bio-Gerontologist