15th Aug 2021

Hyperpigmentation is a very general term for excessive production of the natural pigment known as melanin by the skin ...unfortunately what has been said to protect it from occurring was wrong ..SPS Sun blocks hardly ever stop them but you can stop them getting worse by using our sun oil click here

If you have them then what can in the natural world fade them?

A number of different plant oils have been shown to be effective in the reduction of pigmentation. Most of these are believed to work by being anti-inflammatory and blocks the transfer of pigment granules (melanosomes) from pigment cells to the rest of the skin thus a fading effect occurs

The oils we have found which make the biggest impact is the following click on them to read more 

 Recovery Facial oil Dry Mature & Menopausal skin 50ml - Essentially Yours (essentially-yours.co.uk)

Revital Facial Oil 50ml intensive repair, smokers , sun damage, pigmentation - Essentially Yours (essentially-yours.co.uk)

Holistic Facial Oil 50ml oily/comb skin natural retinol alternative to freshen all skin types - Essentially Yours (essentially-yours.co.uk)

They are a very natural way to fade them without resorting to harsh chemicals which can cause long term damage 

want to try samples then email us and we will send them john@essentially-yours.co.uk