How to Protect Your Cells from what causes the ageing process

How to Protect Your Cells from what causes the ageing process

6th May 2021

It’s a real burden being in the beauty industry and having knowledge about cell decay, chemistry and formulating of anti-ageing products.

You actually start to disbelieve in brands because so much hype is in skincare and anti-ageing to the public.

Well after 25 years here’s a few of my explanations of why your conned when it comes to skin care.

The biggest con of all …You can’t slow down the ageing process… YES, YOU CAN.
But 99% of skincare products don’t contain anything which will do it.
And that includes supplements, treatments, lasers, etc.

Ageing of cells whether skin or anywhere in your body is about chemistry.

The first place to start is having what’s called antioxidants around your cells.
to stop the daily damage of free radical oxidative stress
this is where your cells get damaged and decay every day and is at least 80% of the reason your skin ages.

Now you can slow this damage down dramatically but in the case of skin care it's not with a creams, serums or gels because...

1. Most are made with chemicals which are not anti-aging, in fact most are made with chemicals which increase the damage of the main cause of ageing...
YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT most skincare products speed up the ageing process because they are made from chemicals which increase the damage to your cells…

2. How to Protect Your Cells from what causes the ageing process
Antioxidant molecules neutralise the main cause of ageing, but they need to be surround the cell they are protecting and
Creams, Gels even Serums are molecules which are so big they cannot get near to cells, they sit on the surface skin and do nothing.
The clever trick that skincare companies do
is to put in glycerine in the product to make the skin surface feels soft... ( and sometimes thats from bones we use the vegtable one) So you think something is happening but it is not, because the surface of the skin is dead cells.
So the cream is not doing anything which is anti-ageing.
it’s just lubricating the dead surface skin…. Not to say it does not have any role (see later) but anti-ageing not one of them,

This is what makes life frustrating for someone like me in bio-gerontology.
because when you studied under the leading world scientists in cell decay and ageing
You realise what nonsense the beauty world is portraying.
It is all smoke and mirrors and even misleading.

So, I hear you say ok smarty pants so what slows cell decay?
You heard me say antioxidants and they need to be around the cells to work…
Well, plants contain huge amounts of antioxidants.
and vitamins with cell rebuilding and protective compounds,
and they all are in the oils in the plants.

So, what about extracting those oils in the plants, would that not give you pure unadulterated potent antioxidants? YES, IT DOES.
and what about penetrating the skin to where the cells are… YES AGAIN
they have a molecule size which can get in deeper than the surface surrounding the cells and protecting them,
while also feeding the cells with intensive building blocks
of vitamins and amino acids which are the renewal compounds for new cells

That is why if you’re not using a natural oil, you’re not getting real anti-ageing…
But not all oils are the same and after 20 years of studying what are the best
we have picked the most potent ones to do all the repair and protecting.

But that’s not just it because certain natural oils also protect you from the main source of damage from the sun…
not the burn but the photon radiation called UVA which causes skin ageing and skin cancer. There is even the thought that they could protect you from pollutants and 5G radiation.

So all in all, natural plant oils are the super anti-ageing you are looked for and yes creams, gels and serums can play a part in tightening skin and protecting it from the elements like cold rain, etc. and also provide you with a natural healthy primer for makeup... but do make sure it’s a plant extracts product...
Not a synthetic or even petro chemical type which is what so many skin care brands are.
They even try to mislead you by putting in a tiny number of naturals but are sitting in large synthetic bases.

John Hamilton is the co-founder and has spend the last 25 years in dermatology research and with universities the last 10 in the study of why the body ages, and what can be done to slow it down … at the age of mid sixty he and his partner karen ( who you can see and read about click here) have a much lower biological age and this is put down to the use of natural plant oils and extracts.

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