Dry Skin: we can change it in 24 hrs

Dry Skin: we can change it in 24 hrs

.You would think that with all the choice and brands of skincare on the market today that this would little dry skin but no its getting worse and by huge amounts, more people now have dry skin than ever before ...john Hamilton Dermatologist  

One lady said to me but I use the most expensive of moisturisers  and expensive it was ie £130 a tub  and she still had dry skin.

WHY?...Well its all because of the chemicals used in creams & things like shower gels they are mostly sythtic petro chemicals and they all strip away from the skin your natural oils thus you have dry skin.

People are learning that eating healthily means being more healthy...However they are still using harsh chemicals in personal care products. Below is a short list of what's in nearly all shower gels and creams and if you have dry skin turn you shower gel or cream round and you will see many of such chemical are in what you use. 

 It’s simple, stop using the harsh chemical products and you will not have dry skin. use our type of natural & organic products and we guarantee you will not have dry skin 

We can show you what you need to do in terms of using natural products to hydrate your skin and have a unique way to change your skin into the youthful and hydrated skin you want within 24 hrs. Just get in contact with us and we will show what you need to use .

Email me what you use every day, your age and where you get your dry skin (face or body) to >click on link> john@essentially-yours.co.uk.  john@essentially-yours.co.uk Or call 01299 253994