Dry Skin is not something that happens, it's caused!

Dry Skin is not something that happens, it's caused!

14th Oct 2020

What causes dry skin?..Well after 20 years of research into dermatology, cell decay and ageing I would say 99% of it is caused by the chemicals in skincare & makeup. The skin has a film on the surface which is removed by synthetic chemicals and even water it's a bit like 'the hole in the bucket scenario'  as fast as your body produces it, it's being lost. AND SHOCK... YOU WILL BE USING SUCH SKINCARE  I can almost certainly guarantee it and 99% of skincare brands use syththc chemicals many even made from petrol .

So does drinking more water help . No not at all if you dehydrated you will know it, but drinking to much water actually can be to the determent of your health... you need to get the balance right.

How can you change this?  Well its easy in terms of dry skin

1. stop using syththc chemicals skincare products

The majority of brands use synthetic chemicals, even ones looked upon as natural often contain things like propylene glycol ...This is a syththc chemical better known as antifreeze in cars which strips away your protective surface and even absorbers the water in the skin. So not using such skincare stops that happening.

In terms of make up if you are using our type of all natural oil and moisturiser before applying the make up you create a barrier to the chemicals in the make up which stops the damage and drying out the skin.

Of course one of the big advantages of using total natural oils is the anti ageing aspect, synthetic do very little if anything at all? How can they? They are synthetic often petrol made chemicals... When did such things become good for humans ? That's like eating a plastic bag instead of fruit and vegetables for good health?? 

so there you have it  below is links to the full sizes but if you want to try some get in touch by email click here  or call me on 01299253994 

for face products  click on the following products  {when applying the oils try doing so on wet or damp skin} 

for dry matuer skin 

for dry extra sensitive skin 

moisturiser {apply the moisturiser on top of the oils to trap them into the skin and give a matt finish for make up}

face wash / make up remover & exfoliating cleanser & toner

for body 

body oils & lotion { tip take one of our body oils in the shower and use on wet skin after washing for the most fantastic hydrated skin}

Natural shower gels

if you use our products you will find your dry skin disappears within days 

we work with university's to find natural ways of skincare which is untouched by so many brands given then a try 

John Hamilton 

[PS our products nearly always reverse dry skin because they work at molecular level that other skincare don't]  

what is molecular level? this is where we differ so much from others as we are involved in research into how plant extracts can impact on cells and contain nearly ever vitamin and nutrients that cells need . They offer protection from the main source of damage to you collagen ,fibres and elastin's keeping the skin free from ageing pollutants and the main source of cell damage...  

 If you would like a sample of these these special oils and products please click here to go to our retail web site where you can order them