Collagen & its relation to fine lines & wrinkles

Collagen & its relation to fine lines & wrinkles

John Hamilton, Anti-Ageing expert on 27th Oct 2021

Why do you get lines and wrinkles, and can you prevent them? Firstly, getting wrinkles is inevitable at some stage of your life but you should not see them before you are 60 and if you are seeing them pre-60s, then you are using the wrong skin care!

If you are 40+ and you want to keep line and/or wrinkles to a minimum, then it’s very important you use things in skin care which can contribute to slowing them down.

If you are in your forties and have starting to see the first sign of lines then you need to act now if you want to stop them get worse.

So why do you get lines & wrinkles, despite you already using skin care products which are supposed to stop them?

The cause of ageing is mostly because of damage to your cells, collagen, fibres and elastin’s. This daily damage decays the cells, causes collagen to get broken, it then tries to repair itself but gets in a muddle thus fine lines start to appear, elastin’s get less supple & so the skin does not spring back like when it was more youthful.

You’d be surprised to know that most of the anti-ageing skincare available today do not contain:

(1) the ingredients needed to actually prevent & stop this damage

(2) when they do it’s often in such small amounts, it's to little 

(3) the right delivery method! {very very important} In order to make a difference and prevent lines/ wrinkles, a product needs to have small enough molecules to penetrate the skin & deliver the actives. When delivered in something like a cream or serum the molecule is too big to get to the collagen or areas that make a difference .

Certain natural oils have been proven to be the most powerful of any substance to protect thus delay ageing in the skin, offering rejuvenation for already damaged skin whilst being able to deliver into the areas that creams and serum can’t reach.

These particular natural oils are exactly what we use and this is a example of the effect you get using them

Why not try a sample and see for yourself?

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