14th Oct 2020

It's absolutely no fun having skin reactions ...yet it easily resolved..... Stop using products which are full of synthetic harsh or petrol chemicals.

When people come to us they are often trying to resolve it by pharmaceutical drugs

or eating more healthy but this has almost no impact.

Look at this at bottom which is a very small example of things used in shampoos, washes and skin care products,

any wonder you have skin problems or indeed everyone has got some form of skin to scalp issues 

Use our natural products and stop using the synthetics and in most case's
see you skin change in days....Yes even in days 
We work with university's to understand what can impact in the natural world
and at a molecular level relating to human cells.. that's why we work so well on your skin


We know you have tried lots of things including what the GP recommended, but our type of products are really only available from us directly and we are more than happy to send you samples to try... just get in touch.

 9-10 people find our products better to use than most others. 

Fill in the form below and I will send you a sample for your skin type 

or go to products click here for VERY sensitive skin range 

or click on the essentially yours logo at top to see all our ranges and why we are so different to the others