20 Years of Research Into Ageing In One...Email!

20 Years of Research Into Ageing In One...Email!

14th Oct 2020

This email (kindly allowed to share with you today) best sums up the myths surrounding anti-ageing:

Hello I’ve just read your fascinating paper regarding ageing skin 'thank you I like you already' and what a waste of money creams and serums are. Surely some creams are good right? 'Mmm not in preventive anti ageing aspect of skin' I’m 57 and this past few months in lockdown I seem to have really aged. Like you said I’ve spent a fortune on tools to masssge my jowls and neck, serums for the same and alsorts of other things. It’s so sad isn’t it for us women when the ageing face doesn’t match the fit body. I say that because fitness has always been very important to me and my face is letting me down big time. Argh......moan over. S

Fitness is important and part of my senescence/ gerontology recommendations BUT… and this is where it gets scientific, while being fit contribution to longitude of life in many ways it does not stop at all (if anything increases the main source of ageing of cell ageing) that’s why you get fit people still dying and decaying and looking old.

Cell life which ultimately deals with the whole aspect of human existence is not known outside the gerontology/bio-chemistry arenas ( I have yet to meet a fitness/nutrition expert /doctor / beauty therapist who understands what happens in ageing, yes they know it happens but ask them why? No they do not know just its as sure as taxes...

So what do I mean? Well let’s take two particular aspects one in relation to skin ageing and the other to overall ageing.

The scientists who I study under are involved in incredible research, its actually quite frightening because there goal if you like is immortality.. Will they get there Yes, when then? 20-30-40 years and then what happens well let’s not get into that.

 But in the mean time its unearthing how we could slow down ageing so we have more healthy years. My interest is in the overall aspect of how we slow ageing down and what it does is show me what can impact all over/in the body and skin cells are part of this.

Skin is the biggest set of cells we have, it also acts head on in dealing with protection from all the huge pollutants and that is across the range including UVA light.

Humans treat skin with massive disrespect, they put hash chemical on it, wash with harsh chemicals, expositive it to radiation & pollution and also UVA light which they think I’m using a spf so that stops that ...Wrong and could not be more wrong.

And this is where creams/gel/serums are unless they are water based and indeed contain large molecules which get stuck on the skin surface.

The water part is especially prone to this because of the molecule set up of oxygen and hydrogen, this is a bit like going to a place and you’re not allowed in because your friends are wearing jeans your simple not allowed in because they don’t fit the criteria.

So such cream/gels etc no matter what’s in them they can’t get in.

So why is it important to get in? Simple really? 

The new cells-the collagen-the fibres etc are not on the surface its mostly dead skin, what needs help/protection cannot get it because to protect cells the main compounds to do so needs to surround the new cell or even be around, they have one simple task stop damage from pollutants, from UVA light/ from free radical oxidative stress which is about 80% the reason we age and decay, and if what you need to do that is not getting to where it needs to be if in a cream gel serum formulations... it’s not doing any anti ageing.

It may feel nice on the surface but that’s it.

So what can get to the new cells..the collagen... the fibers and protect them?

Natural plant oils they have no water in them and are not mixed with other waxes or chemicals which make them big molecules, so they can get there and are total concentrated antioxidants with loads of vitamins, minerals, omegas, cell building amino acids and repairing fatty acids.

And when the very damaging UVA by passes you hat/ umbrella/ window and sunscreen ie spf if there are certain types of natural oils in the skin it is neutralised from its ability to cause damage.

So that is why certain natural oils are the real anti ageing to the skin.

But you have to know which oils and what’s in them from where they are grown/processed being organic is not enough. 

It’s what we call the physicochemical and rheological characterization of them that matters ie what in them. The beauty industry would not have a clue about this so they have nice packaging celb-endorsement, super names and the public lap it up but the reality is they are as effective as king Canute was at holding back the tide.

So holding back the ageing process is about stopping the daily damage and certainly in terms of skin using certain natural oils does it better than anything else.

Not to say creams gels can’t do things they can...

Creams traps in the oils which mean the oils are in the skin, not on the skin and have a matt finish for make up. They also have in the winter have the ability to wax coat the skin surface for protection from the elements.

Gels well if they have the right plant compounds will tighten up the skin surface ie sagging/crepey skin but sadly most don’t they have the same synthetic petro chemicals which are a pollutant and accelerator of free radical damage.

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