What Doctors Don't Tell You Magazine


Product Description

“What doctors don’t tell you is a monthly magazine which publishes the latest healthcare news, alongside information on complimentary therapies and alternative medicines, with a host of features and stories written by leading experts and highly-respected regular contributors.

The editorial panel is supported by some of the worlds leading pioneers in nutritional, environmental and alternative medicine. Each is an authority in his or her field with many having broken new ground and inspired new practices in medicine, which makes for interesting reading”.

Each publication is full of natural health benefits, alternative thinking and exposing the cons of modern medicines to help you make better health choices.

If there’s only one thing you have time to read then make sure it’s this magazine, read this for your own health and your family…  it’s a real eye opener and dare we say, a life saver on many occasions.

Keep up to date with the latest healthcare news and cutting-edge research from around the world. Unlimited news stories are available to view as a FREE website member on the following link: https://www.wddty.com/news