Soothing Easy Shave Kit

NES404 (NES301/NES142)

Product Description

An Easy Shaving Kit containing all you need to facilitate hair removal anywhere on the body whilst leaving the most delicate skin feeling soft and supple.

What do you get in the Kit?

No: 8 Active Healing Oil 200ml: An indulgent elixir enriched with an invigorating blend of the purest, mood enhancing oils, designed to nourish and moisturise the skin whilst shaving. Suitable for sensitive skin, this natural elixir combines the anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree, Peach and Patchouli to soothe any irritation, as Lavender encourages skin renewal whilst moisturising. Penetrates the hair shaft coating the skin with a protective, lubricating layer of superior antioxidant protection, alongside anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties contained within the botanical blend.

Invigorating Shampoo & Body Wash 300ml: An Energising Shampoo and body wash to detoxify the skin and refresh the mind. The gel texture lathers up with ease, unleashing a unique aromatic blend of Peppermint combined with Cucumber to clarify (without stripping) – leaving your skin and hair feeling soft, clean and smooth.