Pre Sun Summer Care Kit: 2 pieces/SPF Sheet

NES153 (NES141/NES106)

Product Description

Natural protection against UVA damage from the sun, the main cause of skin cancer and skin ageing. This kit has been formulated to neutralise UVA rays, keeping your skin healthy and moisturised whilst avoiding the nasty synthetic chemicals used in normal high street sun creams.

What does the Kit Contain?

Synergistic UVA Protection Body Oil 200ml:

The Ultra-Sensitive Body Oil contains the most neutralising natural oils, which fight against free radical damage caused by UVA rays and stimulating melanin production. These are the biggest cause of skin damage and ageing to the skin.

Soothing Body Lotion 300ml:

A soothing, scent-free after sun body lotion. Bursting with skin conditioning vitamins to replenish lost moisture, soothe irritation, repair signs of sun damage and protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Lightweight and quickly absorbed, the dual action lotion is enriched with a gentle blend of Grapeseed, Peach with Aloe Vera to lock moisture back in to the skin, keeping it supple as it cools, calms and soothes sensitive skin for optimum effect.

Recommended Use:

Apply the Synergistic Body Oil liberally all over your body throughout the day. Ensure to take regular breaks from the sun in the shade or indoors to stop UVB sunburn, re-apply the oil during these breaks.

After sun exposure at the end of the day, apply the after sun Body Lotion all over and leave to absorb. If you keep the Body Lotion in the fridge, it will provide additional cooling to your skin, which will feel fantastic after a day in the sun and help your skin repair.

Key actives:

  • Grapeseed: Antioxidant, protects from UVA free radical damage, reinforces the hydrolipid film
  • Peach: Nourishes and refreshes skin
  • Avocado: Contains vitamins C & E strong antioxidant properties, preventing free radical damage, a good natural moisturiser
  • Aloe Vera: Excellent skin moisturiser, very soothing

Suitable for: all skin types. Especially Sensitive.