Carter's Omega 3 Body Moisturiser | Men's Body Care 200ml


Product Description

"if you can't handle stress, then you won't manage success"

 Describe how it works?

The essential part to this product is making you give a damn about all the areas you don’t see! Elbows, crotch, thighs, feet, shoulders, the lower back. These areas often don’t get any TLC and the neglect you show to these body parts will slowly diminish your immune system and cause long term issues. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body so you have to look at all areas, not just your face! Its also a super product for after-sun cooling and repairing quality.. 

It’s particularly suitable for areas which are suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis or fungal infections as our fruits and veg ingredient blend provide long-lasting hydration. It's also suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Mr Carter’s Essentials are fully Dermatologically tested in the UK. 

Whats it Made of?

Our Body Balm is rich in antioxidants and features an array of skin conditioning vitamins to quickly replenish moisture, whilst soothing irritation and repairing damage to the skin’s surface, which in turn will help your immune system. It's specially formulated to act as a thin surface layer on the skin, acting as a barrier to prevent water evaporation. We’ve also added pure high grade Aloe Vera, which provides a cool and calmness to the body, it's also rich in Vitamins C and E that helps the immune system!

The BODY BALM works quickly to dispel bacteria which is big problem for people who work out or exercise regularly. Bad bacteria from sweat will screw you up in the long term! Your body will grind to a halt on the simplest of things, so eliminate rough elbows, knees and other scaly patches. 

 Doesnt have?

Synthetic chemicals / parabens / alcohols / animal ingredients (or tested on animals) / PEGS / mineral oils / silicones / synthetic colours / plastic microBead / artificial fragrances. Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians!