Active Rescue Shampoo & Body Wash (anti dandruff) Also Everyday Care for Dry Skin


Product Description

There is a lot of anti dandruff shampoos on the market but contain syththc chemicals which may resolve the dandruff but bring harsh syththc chemicals in contact with you and to be fair a lot which in turn cause scalp issues. 

Well our formaulsions have no harsh chemicals, in fact its 100% natural even the preservative and to be fair it stops dandruff naturally and effectively while also being ultra sensitive to the scalp 

The interesting thing is such naturals actually repel things like nits, midges and all insects including spiders and they don't sting the eyes so you get many benafits and you can use it as a body wash so no scrambling for two products.


Can be used by all the family including baby's for scalp problems and especially for ultra sensitive skin because no harsh chemicals


{ With todays concerns about our health and wellbeing, keeping our immune system healthy, certain naturals automatically do not cause any strain on your cells and actually reinforce them to stop infections and viruses where as synthetic or petrol chemical's damage you cells and put you immune system under stress } john hamilton biogerontolgist

Good to Know: Vegan, free from petrochemicals or steroids, Dermatologically tested