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Uplifting WOW Plus Sample Kit (ideal for 40+)

NES416/ S
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Description

Discover your new skin care regime with this ‘try-before-you-buy’ Uplifting Plus Sample Kit – suitable for all skin types, but will benefit dry skin.

What it is: Try-before-you-buy with this Uplifting WOW Plus Sample Kit from our Natural Elements range.

Containing all you need to cleanse, nourish and feed your skin with an array of vitamins, minerals and super-antioxidants, this sample kit provides superior free radical protection, whilst dramatically improving the texture, tone and clarity of your complexion.

Kit contains:

1 x 5ml Natural Elements Purifying Face Wash – Aloe Vera, Passion Flower

A refreshing, yet extremely gentle Face Wash which removes all ingrained dirt, neutralises free radicals, tightens the skin and removes heavy make-up, (including eye make-up) to provide the ultimate in skin comfort and long lasting hydration.

1 x 2.5ml Natural Elements Uplifting Facial Oil – Peach, Avocado, Orange, Lavender and Rose 

Silky and lightweight the synergistic blend of Peach and Avocado protects against free radicals (the cause of premature ageing) whilst uplifting Orange, Lavender and Rose infuse the formulation into a refreshing tonic, aiding the protective film on the skin’s surface, whilst stimulating collagen production and enhancing suppleness, leaving skin looking smooth, lifted and luminous.

1 x 5ml Natural Elements Blending Facial Cream – Grapeseed

Instantly absorbed and bursting with antioxidants this lightweight Blending Cream is designed to lock in an array of vitamins and nutrients from your chosen Facial Oil, leaving a matt finish whilst protecting the skin against daily environmental damage.

Key Ingredients: 

Aloe Vera: Repairs and soothes skin, quickly combats irritation, inflammation and relieves sensitivity

Passion Flower: Protects, rejuvenates, plumps and hydrates, rich in Vitamins A, C, EFA’s and antioxidants

Cellulose Gel: Promotes skin healing and absorbs free radicals, rich in antioxidants with anti-ageing properties superior to Vitamins C and E

Avocado: Rich in Vitamins A, B, D, E , and fatty acids, provides the skin with emollients that can hydrate, nourish and regenerate the epidermis or the outer skin layer

Peach: Rich in Vitamins A, E and EFA to promote cell regeneration whilst encouraging suppleness and elasticity

Orange: Rich in Vitamin C to help protect and heal skin, also promotes the production of collagen

Lavender: Antiseptic and anti-microbial properties – aroma relaxes, de-stresses and enhances mood

Rose: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties – rejuvenates and replenishes skin

Grapeseed: Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, tightens and moisturises


  • Fortifies skin’s fabric and enhances suppleness
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Eradicates fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects against free radical damage

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types, but will benefit dry skin with added anti-ageing benefit


Please note there is a maximum order quantity of 1, per sample, per order.

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