So what do you say when you know people are using and doing the wrong thing in skincare especially with anti ageing?

by John Hamilton Scientist in Dermatology Cell Anti Ageing jh-new.jpg

What a load of absolute nonsense the skincare industry talks, from retinol to hyaluronic acids to peptides and relentlessly most people are taken in by it all. 

Every day I get 50 + emails from people who use the big brands of skincare and have premature ageing or wrinkles, dry skin even skin problems. Ladies and gentlemen this is because they are a con...  They may have fancy packing a great name or even a well-paid celebrity promoting them but in terms of what’s in them they are useless  I have even seen ones at £160 a tub which contain almost identical ingredients to a brand for £1.29 and that was 99% of synthetic, petrol chemicals. 

So what makes me a expert…I have been studying cell ageing now for close on 20 years and follow the research of longitude of life scientists and there is only one thing and one thing only which will stop or at least slow the ageing process and that’s natural plant oils ..


1 Certain plant oils are concentrated antioxidants and contact any dermatologist and ask them what causes skin cell ageing and they will say free radicals ..Contact any longitude of life scientist ( yes I’m one of them) and ask how do I slow the ageing process and the answer will be antioxidants ( they work by stopping the daily cell damage from free radicals which is 80% of cell ageing )

2 Now the other big misunderstanding is creams, gels, serums yes, they have a part to play in skincare but anti-ageing absolutely No …So why is that? Well, It is simple really, creams gels and serum are diluted and mostly water and wax molecules anyway which are too big, they cannot get further than the skin surface which is dead cells.

You need to get through the skin to where new cells are and protect them, that will stop the new cells prematurely ageing… and only natural oils can get through the skin layers to surround the new cells and if you get the right ones with the strongest antioxidants then you get this happening below ie no age wrinkles even reversing the damage done.





And in the case you want to know if they work ..  this is my patner karen who is  65 this year and this photo was taken this year.



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