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So what do you say when you know people are using and doing the wrong thing in skincare especially with anti ageing?

 "99% Of People Are Using The Wrong Skin Care Products"

  “say anti-ageing specialist John Hamilton {biogerontolgist & dermatology product formulator}

Slowing cell ageing down is not about hyaluronic acid, retinol or even vitamins.

"Most mainstream skincare does not stop the main cause of skin ageing and, in many cases, can actually speed it up!

Most of the big named brands spend £9 out of every £10 on marketing, not the formulation or ingredients - yet people keep buying them" WHY ?Masquerading the cream or serum with words that are being hyped up, then a fancy bottle is what 99% of skincare do and it works, or some people think that all skincare products are the same.

The reality is they are mostly all very old formulations products made from synthetic chemicals. The truth is that creams, gels and serums have molecules that can’t get beyond the surface which is dead cells ( they are to big) so no matter what’s in them. it's not going to do anything other than putting a cover over the surface.

If you want real anti-ageing you must get through to where new cells, collagen, fibres and the elastins are…and only one thing can do that… Botanical Oils where the molecule is so small it can go in…. watch this video click here

In the case of our oils and not all oils are equal, ours are intensive unadulterated 100% botanical grade which is concentrated antioxidants …How concentrated? Well most creams/serums on a scale of 1-10 are about 1 and many facial oils are very poor quality ...But our oils are 10+ …In fact Birmingham university in Aug 2019 tested them and found them to have extremely " high levels of antioxidants" and that’s very very important because antioxidants neutralise the main source of the cause of cell ageing> ‘free radicals’ ask any dermatologist  what’s the main cause of skin ageing is and they will say ‘free radicals’

So, there you have it...The majority of skin products don’t work because they can’t and don’t contain anything to combat the main cause of skin ageing   

But now you have found us and things are going to change and within days…. yes days

See this photo below sent in by one of our customers after using our products... this is what happen when you use our oils

 Now see the  2nd one down below... this is my partner no surgery, no air brushing, photo taken this year and she is 65 in November

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  this is my partner karen who is  65 this year and this photo was taken this year and has used natural oils for years 



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