Relaxing 2 Piece Set Body Wash & Body Lotion | With Christmas Gift Bag


Product Description

2 product set this is an extra value set Get it for yourself, friends, and family.

Create your haven for relaxation and repair with this sumptuous gift set. Relaxing Body Wash, rich in Patchouli, Lavender, and Geranium,  calms the nerves and boosts the mood, ideal at this busy, stressful time of year.... What a bubble bath! This makes.. lock the door, a glass of wine, maybe a candle or two 

Soothing Body Lotion is bursting with vitamins to replenish lost moisture. Lightweight and quickly absorbed, the dual-action lotion is enriched with a gentle blend of grapeseed, peach, and aloe vera to lock moisture back into the skin, keeping it supple.

Who is this gift set ideal for? Anyone who needs a break! Hardworking teachers, parents, friends, or families - an ideal gift for whoever is hosting this Christmas! 

Aromatherapy oils are breathed in and are known for there deeply relaxing benefits. Did you know that in clinical tests in universities, they found that essential oils like this actually induce a mood of relaxation and happiness?