Refreshing Body Wash and Body Lotion 2 Piece Set | With Christmas Gift Bag


Product Description

2 PIECE SET this is a super value kit, so buy for yourself, family, and friends and save 

Refresh and replenish this festive season with an indulgent set of refreshing body wash and replenishing body oil. Energize your shower with our refreshing body wash. the citrus burst of REAL grapefruit and orange stimulates and revives the senses, gently cleanses the body and hair, and promotes strong, healthy skin and hair. 

Soothing Body Lotion is bursting with vitamins to replenish lost moisture. Lightweight and quickly absorbed, the dual-action lotion is enriched with a gentle blend of grapeseed, peach, and aloe vera to lock moisture back into the skin, keeping it supple.

Who is this gift set ideal for? Ideal for anyone who loves pampering, they will love this versatile set.. take your vitamin c into the shower with you Did you know that when in the shower, you breathe in the essential oils that go into the blood stream according to aromatherapy?