Invigorating Body Wash and Lotion 2 Piece Set | In a Gift bag


Product Description


2 PIECE SET with extra value prices for you and your friends and save  


Energize winter mornings with our Invigorating Body Wash and Body Oil gift set. Wake up with the stimulating blend of peppermint and tea tree, which gently cleanses the body and hair while promoting strong, healthy skin and hair. PS: Besides the essential oils being anti-viral, this makes a great foam bath when tired and getting the winter blues like colds and flu. The head-clearing peppermint is like a relief for blocked sinuses, and its pure natural aromas are stunning. No perfumes here 


Soothing Body Lotion is bursting with vitamins, including fatty acids, which are plant compounds that keep the skin supple and replenish lost moisture.


Lightweight and quickly absorbed, the dual-action lotion is enriched with a gentle blend of grapeseed, peach, and aloe vera to lock moisture back into the skin, keeping it supple


Who is this gift set ideal for? Active, sporty friends or family or anyone who needs a boost in the mornings and skin-stimulating circulation so older people do get a healthy kick from this  


set is anti-microbial anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and great on hair as a shampoo for scalp issues and hair growth