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Honey & Turmeric Apple Cider Vinegar Shot 60ml


Product Description

A BOTTLED packed with the juice of a whole apple,  pairing of honey and turmeric. 



+  Apple Cider Vinegar + natural juice blend
+ Made from the 300 year-old untouched apple orchards – a humble home to 48 varieties of apples
+ Naturally fermented
+ Ready to drink



Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Turmeric


Heralded benefits: we our self feel that many of such foods can bring incredible health benefits... while we have done no testing ourselves you should satisfy yourself of its benefits some links are below 

cider vinegar>  lowering cholesterol click here   

                       cancer click here  

                       weight loss click here

                       liver click here 


turmeric  and honey   click here 



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