Why To Avoid Hyaluronic Acid

Why To Avoid Hyaluronic Acid

Before we dive into why we disagree as scientist and dermatologists with the ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ craze, let’s firstly show you the official scientific statement for it:

“There is a lot of interest in using Hyaluronic Acid to prevent the effects of ageing. In fact, Hyaluronic Acid has been promoted as a ‘fountain of youth’. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that applying it to the skin can prevent changes associated with ageing”

Hyaluronic Acid is injected into joints as a lubricant and that is all it is, a lubricant. A lubricant is not anti-ageing and if you’re just looking to hydrate the surface of the skin there are many better and more natural ways to do that. 

Why is it going to make little difference to your skin? 

The molecule is too large to get down into the dermis layers so it's just sitting on the surface skin which is dead, what you need is your collagen, fibres and elastin's protected from the main source of damage > ie free radicals, oxidative stress, UVA and pollutants.by doing so your skin will stay supple and the very things that cause ageing will be neutralised. Moisturised in the skin will be retained and production of you own hydrolipid film will take place.. this is the skin own way of trapping in moisture.  

At Essentially Yours, we can offer you a combination of great hydration and super anti-ageing. We do this by combining our natural vital & Essential oils. This duo stops the main source of ageing; fine lines and wrinkles to the skin. Such oils are full of all the vitamins and minerals your cells need to rejuvenate and stay young.

Applying the oil to damp/ wet skin and massaging in before applying the moisturiser cream on top to lock it all in creates a hydrolipidic film on the surface which is where moisture occurs and keeps the skin supple, so fine lines and wrinkles simply retract back.

It’s a fantastic way to have hydrated and youthful skin.

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