Active Rescue | Luxury Hand Wash & Hand Cream Set | 250ml


Product Description

Set Contains: Active Rescue Hand Wash & Hand Cream Super Value Kit for you for Family, Friends, etc they will think of you every time they wash there hands 

Our award-winning hand wash and hand cream, loved by so many nurses, is a combination of intensive anti-bacterial cleaning oils that are not drying to the skin but are antiviral. Which has the most incredible aromas? not perfumes... real natural oils aromas 

Did you know?

Professor John Oxford, a Virologist at Queen Marys School of Medicine, says he always uses our type of hand wash after finding studies on the dangers of using 'medically prescribed hand sanitisers and gels'. Scientists have recently warned on using high-alcohol content gels or soaps with high levels of mineral chemicals, as research indicates petro-chemical ingredients in this product will cause severe dryness to the skin and lead to 'cracking', as a side effect allowing viruses to enter the body from the dried or cracked skin.